Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp
Gulf shrimp are generally flavorful and sweet, with slight variations in taste according to the species. Pinks are tender and sweet. Browns are firm, though somewhat bland. Whites, the standard against which other shrimp species — domestic and imported — are often measured, are sweet and firm. It can be hard to tell the Gulf species apart. Part of the confusion stems from naming them by colors: white, pink and brown, since a pink can look  white, a brown can be gray, etc. Cooked shells of all species are pinkish-red. Raw meats are translucent pink to gray. Cooked meats are pearly white with pink and red shadings.
Flavorful and firm Gulf shrimp can be breaded, stuffed, boiled with spices or barbecued. When the meat turns opaque, it’s done. Remember not to overcook — it will toughen the meat. [SeafoodSource.com] Sourced directly from the Gulf of Mexico, USA.
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