This species is sometimes called the rainbow tilefish for its lovely blue, green, rose and yellow coloration. Out of the water, the colors fade.Tilefish yield thick fillets with a row of pinbones. The raw meat is pinkish-white but cooks up white with a firm, flaky texture. The flavor is mild but distinctive, often compared to lobster or crab, which is not surprising, since the tilefish’s diet is largely crustaceans.
Firm and mild-tasting, tilefish offers chefs many options. Pan searing is a good choice of methods, since tilefish holds together well, a quality that also makes it good in soups and stews. Cook the thick fillets at a high initial heat to help seal in juices and keep the meat moist. With its firm texture and clean taste, tilefish also is a good candidate for sashimi or sushi. [SeafoodSource.com]
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