The Eastern oyster is known for its distinctive, salty flavor and meaty texture. Oyster meats, which are somewhat fatty, should be smooth with adequate liquor (store cup-side down to retain the liquor). Eastern oysters have a moderately deep, elongated, gray-white to gray-brown, rough, spoon-shaped shell with rose-colored streaks. Inside is a light-colored fringe (the gill) and creamy to light-brown meat. Cooked meat turns ivory.
Oysters are tender creatures. They should never be heated too quickly or too long. As soon as the mantle starts to curl, they’re done. For a classic presentation, try Oysters Rockefeller — broiled in their shells on pans of salt, topped with bacon, breadcrumbs, butter and scallions. Though oysters are often served on the halfshell, people in high-risk categories should avoid raw shellfish. [SeafoodSource.com]
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